Give the Gift of Connectivity this Valentine's Day!

by T_Kazempour NETGEAR Employee ‎2017-02-09 01:58 PM - edited ‎2017-02-09 02:41 PM

Flowers will wilt by the end of the week.  Chocolates will be gobbled up in minutes. So, why not celebrate with something that establishes a lasting connection with your loved ones this Valentine’s Day?

Maintain a powerful and consistent connection with a NETGEAR Orbi Tri-band WiFi system or keep your loved ones and valuables secure with an Arlo Pro smart security camera.


Do you hear your significant other complain about a poor WiFi connection on the daily?  Do their video chats often drop? Or have they had packages disappear from their porch?  What better way to show you care than by giving the ones you love the gift of peace of mind, or just better WiFi, this Valentine’s Day?


NETGEAR’s award winning Arlo Pro is the only 100% wire-free, weatherproof, and rechargeable HD smart security camera system with both motion and audio activity alerts.  It’s completely wireless, so your loved one can use it anywhere inside their home or even in the yard, hidden in a tree (the camera, not your loved one).  The cameras are also equipped with 2-way audio, so they can tell the delivery person where to leave a package even when away from home.  And, in the event that the motion- or audio- triggered sensor alerts them to trouble, the Arlo Pro has a 100+ decibel siren that can be remotely activated, stopping crime in its tracks. 




As with the entire Arlo product line, the Arlo Pro has the ability to record and store video in the cloud for seven days, without any subscription fees, in case your Valentine wants to review footage of the babysitter, the household help, or even their beloved pets.


But if they’re more worried about the poor WiFi connection throughout the home, NETGEAR’s Orbi Tri-band WiFi system is here to save the day, working seamlessly with their current ISP’s modem to maximize WiFi speeds in every room. Orbi will make sure there is never any buffering or lag time when you’re cuddled up together to chill with Netflix for the evening. Setup is extremely easy with Orbi and it’ll keep you covered. Just plug it in, set it up using the Orbi app, and forget about dead zones, even through thick walls or multiple floors. 


Who needs Cupid? You’ve already found your love. Now you know you need a really good WiFi for video chatting! 


Give your loved one the gift of connection and peace of mind this Valentine’s Day with NETGEAR’s Arlo Pro and/or NETGEAR’s Orbi Tri-band WiFi System.

by BobWeis Novice
on ‎2017-02-24 04:12 PM

I am trying to configure an Orbi 17 and everything worked fine, blue light on the satellite and then went to my iphone to conect.  It saw the Orbi asked for the password so I put in the password on the front of the Orbi and got back the message "can't connect" - did this three times to make sure the input of the password was correct but not in.