IPV6 not working on VLAN's


IPV6 not working on VLAN's

Any updates or known issues with IPV6 working on BR200 router? My issue is since i've owned this router and have enabled IPv6 on router, gets IPv6 address from ISP, settings are auto config, secured, but none of my vlans get any IPv6 addresses?? When doing any IPv6 test online on vlans it doesn't work but does work if i'm on the managment vlan1. 

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Re: IPV6 not working on VLAN's

Not aware of any further automatic or manual IPv6 prefix delegation for other VLANs on the BR200/BR500.


What IPv6 prefix is provided by your ISP, respective DHCPv6 prefix delegation by the way? The typical end-user and small-business Internet connection come with a /48 - which can not split into smaller units. And the hardest part is that the IPv6 prefix delegated is typically assigned dynamically, sometimes derived from the IPv4, so it can change any time - what makes the router management very difficult

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