Web Content Filtering and Dynamic VLANS Available with Insight 6.1


Web Content Filtering and Dynamic VLANS Available with Insight 6.1



There is a growing need for companies to filter Internet content helping them protect their employees from unsavory content or control on bandwidth costs. With the latest 6.1 release of award-winning NETGEAR Insight remote network management system a new web content management feature named NETGEAR Insight Content Filtering is now available for the Insight compatible Orbi Pro mesh networking system. Orbi Pro is a business-grade wireless mesh system solution providing small businesses and home offices a DIY solution to many wired and wireless networking needs.


Content Filtering with Insight 6.1

NETGEAR Insight Content Filtering includes the capability to block access to undesirable and malicious websites that may decrease work efficiency and be a threat to wired and wireless networks. Further filter your network with predefined categories such as gambling, online shopping, job searching websites, etc. to improve employee productivity and with search engine search results to refrain your users from getting obscene or inappropriate results from searches. Receive reports and easily monitor visited domains, traffic overtime, etc. with data monitoring and reporting. Insight Content Filtering can be deployed to the original WiFi 5 802.11AX Orbi Pro and Orbi Pro WiFi 6 systems. Join our upcoming Insight Content Filtering Webinar on Wed March 17th at 11AM PST. Also be sure to read our latest blog on Web Content Filtering for Small Business.


Dynamic VLANs in NETGEAR Insight 6.1

Dynamic VLAN Configuration on Insight Access Points - Configuring a WLAN using dynamic VLANs is available as part of the SSID configuration. This feature allows you to assign different users to different VLANs depending on the user credentials provided while connecting to the SSID. When enabling dynamic VLAN, the RADIUS server configuration should include the access point uplink port in the VLAN.


NETGEAR Insight Basic EOL End of Life

With the new NETGEAR Insight 6.1 release, NETGEAR Insight Basic will be end-of-life. All Insight Basic users with valid subscriptions will be upgraded automatically to Insight Premium for the remainder of their subscription term. All NETGEAR Insight Basic free users will automatically be upgraded to NETGEAR Insight Premium for 30 days along with Content Filtering for 30 days to enable them to trial the new service.

All users who download the NETGEAR Insight mobile app and use NETGEAR Insight Basic, will also automatically be subscribed to NETGEAR Insight Premium for 30 days with Content Filtering included for 30 days to enable them to trial these services. After the 30-days of trial, if the users have not purchased Insight Premium and Content Filtering subscriptions, these services will no longer be available to the users.

Insight mobile app will continue to be available for download from Google and Apple App stores. The Insight app can be continued to be used to register NETGEAR devices.


Let us know what you think of the latest updates to NETGEAR Insight below.

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