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Nighthawk CAX80 and Nighthawk app


Nighthawk CAX80 and Nighthawk app

Yesterday I installed my new Nighthawk CAX80 modem/router with RCN ISP. When setting up the router the app didn’t seem to work so I decided to co tibie setup on the web using the router login.net page. Set up was complete, initially had no internet but after a few minutes with RCN support they activated the router properly and now I’m getting decent downloads speeds. Now that everything setup and running I have noticed 2 things:

I try to access the app and when opening the Nighthawk app it gives 2 options - initial setup or sign in - Since my router is already setup and running I choose dig in and the app scans for devices “routers and can’t locate any” and after that it stuck in that page and I have to restart the app. Restarting the app and choosing the other option -initial set up- since the sign in option didn’t work, starts the set up process and at some point it ask to join a wifi network for my router but it gets stuck in that page and I have to force close the app and re start it again going into the same loop of events.

Any suggestions on how May I get this app to work. I do t want to go again to the process of resetting the router to factory settings and setting it up again from the beginning because at the end I feel like illl have to do the web set up at some point which was easier than trying to use the app. But I do want to have the option of the app on my phone, feel like it might be useful at some point.

Looking forward for some insight on this matter.

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