HideMyAss VPN client only option


HideMyAss VPN client only option

Alternate VPN solution to HideMyAss has been "in development" since February, then we get told in July it's "completed" and sent to Netgear.  Is the following a Netgear publication?  Look carefully where it says: "Gaming VPN - Support your existing VPN service".–computers/XR500_A+%20Content_1.04.18.pdf


That doesn't say "Support your HideMyAss service".  What are you doing?  Canned responses can just be withheld please. This is currently advertised as the fact sheet by Australian retailers like Harvey Norman - See "Download Specification Sheet". 



I bought this because we wanted to split the playstations and xboxes off the VPN and just have our PC's and phones on the VPN network.  The advertised ability was to be able to push devices easily on and off in a way the non-technical members of my family could figure out. 


Can you please get a Netgear rep, not a Netduma rep to respond to this. You Netduma guys continually assure us "Oh we've done our bit", and it's failed.   You've utterly let your customer base down, time for Netgear to sort something out.  After all, the false advertising has their name on it.

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Re: HideMyAss VPN client only option

I total agree with you. I'm returning my xr500 tomorrow because of no-VPN support. I will not go through the R1 debacle (Duma-OS) with the xr500. I'm tired of false promises. I looked back on this forum and seen this same topic come up in March and now it 3 days from November.......UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!

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Re: HideMyAss VPN client only option

In passing I would actually certainly like to say that Netgear made a poor choice with HMA. HMA most certainly do keep records of what you do and they will hand them over to any official body who requests them. You may think you are hidden using HMA but in fact you are not at all. There are good VPN's around but HMA is definitely not one of them.


I guess the use of a VPN is something like WTFast, otherwise why use a gaming router? And yes it is a little odd that Netgear didn't think of this ~ to include gaming in a gaming router... well I call them VPN's but gaming VPN's are not really VPN's rather advanced routing services I suppose. But whatever you call them, they should be in there.



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Re: HideMyAss VPN client only option

As you stated you didn't want a response from us I've just sent the topic to a member of the XR500 team instead.
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Re: HideMyAss VPN client only option

I feel ya. I bought the XR500 right out of the gate and boy do I regret it. The promises from the Netduma people are empty at best. We've been told since January that their Hybrid VPN was coming soon. Then the XR700 drops and guess what, it gets the Hybrid VPN. Lip service. You're losing customers Netgear.

Model: XR500| Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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