Nighthawk XR500 DNSMASQ

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Nighthawk XR500 DNSMASQ

Is there a place in this router for DNSMASQ configuration?

Or, maybe someone has other advice on how to get this to work.


I setup a Raspberry Pi with PiHole, and the instructions seem to indicate the best way to configure it so that I get individual host reporting is to:  "Advertise Pi-hole’s IP address via dnsmasq in the router (if supported)"


I don't see this anywhere in the DumaOS.


When I tried simply putting in the DNS address of the PiHole in the Router config, it worked but it only reports the routers IP instead of individual device IP's in the logs. Which I suppose makes sense given that method is listed as having these two caveats, which I don't particularly want:



  1. Per-host tracking on Pi-hole (i.e. logging of DNS requests tied to individual machines by their respective hostnames) will be unavailable unless you use the hosts file on Pi-hole 913 (all requests will show as originating from the router itself).
  2. The ability to resolve hostnames on the LAN. For example, connecting to a machine behind the router by its hostname will not work.
Model: XR500| Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Nighthawk XR500 DNSMASQ

A user on the Netduma forum (where this is auto-posted) suggested this:


Within you lan dhcp scope set the dns for Lan devices to the Lan ip for your pihole device. That will forward all requests from Lan hosts to the pihole. 
On your Wan up set dns to and


Hope that helps.

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