XR450 Vlan setup

I'm trying to setup a VLAN with my router, but have been having some issues with it. What I'm trying to accomplish is have two networks: one for my computer/phone/etc, and another for IoT devices. Ideally I'd also like my computer to be able to talk to the IoT network, but not the other way around (this is a bonus though). 


The settings I'm trying are `Enable VLAN/Bridge group` > `By VLAN tag group` with 2 entries:

Name: Internet

  • VLAN ID: 10
  • Priority: 0
  • Wired Ports: 2, 3, 4
  • Wireless: WiFi2.4G, WiF5G

Name: IoT

  • VLAN ID: 20
  • Priority: 0
  • Wired Ports: 1
  • Wireless: 

However, I'm having a strange issue where when I try to enable a VLAN, it makes it so my router stops talking to the modem/internet; the Internet light just flashes orange. In the Dashboard under Internet Status, it showed Connection Type: DHCP, WAN IP:, Status: Disconnected. Any ideas what the issue could be, or what else I should look out to figure out the problem?

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Re: XR450 Vlan setup

You're not using the standard entry in the tag group are you? As that could cause it if you don't need VLAN for a WAN connection. Also have you set up VLAN on the devices you want to connect as you may need to do this.
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