RAX20 disappointing 5GHz speed (and overal range)



I have the AX1800/RAX20 router and from day one it is good yet very disappointing for it's price tag.

To begin with the 5GHz issue. I have an intel AC9260 in my desktop with dual 12/18dB antennas (

Using the provided Arris ConnectBox from my ISP, I can reach 250Mbps download and 25Mbps upload (the plan I have).

With the RAX20 I get very disappointing speeds over 2.4Ghz and 5GHz. The 2.4GHz is understandable, since even the ConnectBox could reach 40Mbps max. However, when it comes to the 5GHz channel, the downloads are slow, and I mean SLOW. Running multiple speedtests in a row result in various results from 10Mbps to 50Mbps download. When actually downloading files, it takes a very, very long time to download them, because the speeds are inconsistent and unstable (sometimes it shoots to 150Mbps and quickly returns back to 10Mbps). Checking the router's speedtest within the QoS tab, I see that it reaches the max download and upload speed just fine.


These are my current router settings:

- QoS disabled (enabled doesn't seem to make a difference)

Wireless settings:

- Region Europe
- AX mode enabled

- OFDMA enabled on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz
- Smart connect is disabled (enabling this pretty much forces all devices on 2.4GHz unless you're within 1.5 meters of the router)
- 5GHz channel 44
- 5GHz mode is up to 1200Mbps

- 5GHz TX power 100%


The rest is kept default (however, most of those settings are).


Secondly is the poor range of this router. It can have a range of roughly 5-6 meters and then the speed is dropped so significantly that browsing the web is impossible as images aren't really loading, let alone videos.


The internet and playing games work fine, but downloading (especially large updates or files) is a pain.

I would like to know how to fix these issues regarding the router.

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Re: RAX20 disappointing 5GHz speed (and overal range)

Hi FPSUsername, 


Have you had a moment to contact our support team regarding your concerns? You may contact support using the link below.



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Re: RAX20 disappointing 5GHz speed (and overal range)

I have. The only thing they could give me is to reset the router, which I already did.
I see that other people have issues with nighthawk routers as well and to increase download speeds temporarily, a reboot is required.

Not a solution.

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Re: RAX20 disappointing 5GHz speed (and overal range)

Reset the router, they told me that too, for a different problem, they probably tell everyone that.  I have the same router, here in the USA it is the RAX15, and I have had very good internet and WiFi speeds, here are my settings:


In Advanced settings->

Wireless Settings->

Enable implicit beam forming -> On

Enable MU-MIMO -> Off

Enable AX -> On

Disable PMF -> On

Use other operation mode -> Off


In Advanced settings->

Ipv6 ->

IPv6 -> Off  (This seems to make a big difference with my ISP)


If the range of the WiFi is compromised, you may have a Radio Frequency interference problem.  Check other nearby devices for WiFi interference.  It could even be a neighbor if you live in an apartment.  It could also be a defective router. 

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Re: RAX20 disappointing 5GHz speed (and overal range)

Why would you want to turn off mu-mimo? What's the advantage there?

Btw, I do use IPV6 with the IPV6 to IPV4 tunnel. My ISP supports IPV6, but the issue is that when the modem is in bride mode, it only supports IPV4. I'll try disabling IPV6

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Re: RAX20 disappointing 5GHz speed (and overal range)

So I disabled ALL "features", such as AX, Beamforming, etc to see if just WiFi itself would be any good.

Unfortunately, doing a speedtest boosts it up to 180Mbps download and quickly dips to 50Mbps, then returns to 100Mbps.


As I will switch provider next Tuesday (going to fiber network at 200Mbps up and down from 250Mbps/25Mbps on copper), I'll do another test with this router, and if it won't do it's job of getting the speed I'm supposed to get, I'll just sell this garbage router for cheap. Hopefully some developer would take it apart and try to get OpenWRT to work nicely on this.

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Re: RAX20 disappointing 5GHz speed (and overal range)

After switching provider it looks like the router is finally doing its job. It looks like the modem from my previous provider just suffers from something. It was put in bridge mode and the router's speed test was completely fine, but when I did it on my pc, it was very bad.
With the new provider, the modem/router is in it's default router mode and everything after that is kept the same. The speeds are stable, even after enabling a couple of options such as AX mode.

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Re: RAX20 disappointing 5GHz speed (and overal range)

Nevermind. This router is just horrible. I have no idea why it keeps suffering so much.

I even attached the live TV using the ethernet cable and it's stuttering. When I connect it directly to the modem, there's no problem. 

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Re: RAX20 disappointing 5GHz speed (and overal range)

For the TV I had to disable the "disable IGMP proxying". I see that there's support for British and Orange, but disabling the whole option fixes it.

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