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Updates or hacks, Jumbo Frames on R9000 x10?


Updates or hacks, Jumbo Frames on R9000 x10?

Hi I just switched two Synology servers, two Macs, and my Netgear managed switch GS724T (all wired) over to Jumbo Frames (9000 MTU) then was a tiny bit shocked to find that my X10 R9000 router seems to not be compatible only has a max MTU of 1500 (doh).

Does the latest router driver add support or do you guys know of any config or 3rd party work arounds?

If not, 1. do I need to switch all my devices back to 1500 MTU (including the switch) and 2. can you recommend any new Netgear routers that are the cheapest that are compatible with Jumbo Frames? Trying hard tho to not have to buy a new router.

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Re: Updates or hacks, Jumbo Frames on R9000 x10?

Most NGs home class routers support MTU 1500 only over the WAN and LAN side I believe as this is the norm and standard for home router networking. Beyond that, I would check the user manual for jumbo frame support. If you don't see any references to that in the manual then it would not be supported. 

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