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2nd RAX120/AX12 - Here We Go


2nd RAX120/AX12 - Here We Go

On my second RAX120, set it up this past Wednesday:

  • It's been up since setup - no outages
    • Last router would continue working but I would not be able to access it, after some time, unless rebooted
  • Horrible GUI with same issues as last router
    • Cannot Edit Devices - selecting the 20th plus device forward to edit and you lose all including the EDIT button
    • Refresh does not work on the Edit Devices page
    • 1 Gig Internet - speed tests vary but mostly very low 200-300 mbps download (did get over 930 mbps on a couple)
      • What is the SpeedTest testing, wired or wireless?
    • iOS Nighthawk App
      • Not that much better than GUI by way of functionality
      • Naming devices here propogates to the Web Gui
      • List of device names different on iOS app vs Web Gui (Web Gui has a lot more choices)
      • When actively naming devices (i.e. Router for example) the device icon shows but doesn't stay on next launch of app
        • If device name is Router an the description is Netgear Rax120 the device icon is gone and replaced by NR
          • NR = Netgear Router for the N and R
          • Device type (i.e. Router) is gone also when expanding the device in question

In general, the router interface, GUI and iOS app, are really boring, lack functionality and have issues but as long as the router chugs along I guess.  Like stated before, it just seems like it was slapped together and rushed and Netgear never fixes any issues with the GUI /iOS app it seems.

Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: 2nd RAX120/AX12 - Here We Go

The device type, naming, (and unmentioned - QoS priority) problems on various activities, paired with random wonderful problems when working the Nighthawk (and former Genie) App are going like a fil-rouge over many generations of Netgear routers. Can't add much more on this.


The SpeedTest is a SpeedTest.net test client in place on the router, so testing the typically wired Internet connection only. And the available bandwidth on the SpeedTest.net infrastructure is obviously limited, too.



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