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port forwarding


port forwarding

Nighthawk RAX50

Firmware Version V1.0.11.112_2.0.77


I have a Synology NAS connected to my Nighthawk RAX(50) . I'm currently trying to set it up for connect from outside of my home via ddns. However, when I setup port forwarding and I try to connect from outside I get the login prompt and it's not excepted, however after hitting sign in, I sometime get connecter to my routers reset page. I recently tried a port checker which said the ports I forwarded are not. Below is an image of the port forwarding page of my router. TIA



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Re: port forwarding

Hi @cyberwasp ,


Just want to check if you connect from outside, it will prompt Nas login page ?

and when you login Nas page, it will show router page ?



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Re: port forwarding

Check if the Synology QuickConnect feature is still enabled and that the ID hasn't changed.

PS also make sure you are on the latest firmware, and keep track of updates and when the device becomes EOL if you are going to have any of its ports exposed to the WAN. When the device no longer reliably gets security updates, I highly recommend disabling all remote access and then use the openVPN server in t he router to VPN into your home network and then access your NAS that way.


They use port 5001 for remote access which relies on their DS file app.

PS also make sure that you give the NAS a static IP, and if possible restart the router to confirm that it is properly assigning it the same IP each time.


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