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SXR80 - Wireless 3 (IoT) Client Interruptions


SXR80 - Wireless 3 (IoT) Client Interruptions



I'm currently operating an SXR80 (FW V3.2.6.100) with 3x SXS80 satellites attempting to leverage the 3 non-guest wireless SSIDs. The issue I'm experiencing is that specifically on the Wireless 3 SSID, clients are experiencing connectivity issues including connection timeouts and loss of network access despite never disconnecting from the associated SSID. This connectivity issue does not occur on the other production SSID broadcast via the Wireless 2 settings.


Wireless 3 Settings are as follows:

Enable Wireless 3 Network

Enable SSID Broadcast

(disabled) Enable SSID Separation for 2.4G/5GHz

(enabled) VLAN Profile


(disabled) Enable Bandwidth per SSID


SSID is tied to VLAN 5 with a VLAN profile (50)


Advanced Wireless Settings:


(disabled) Enable SSID Broadcast [though I'm fairly certain this is disabled as the Admin SSID broadcast is disabled, though SSID 2/3 are enabled]

Enable 20/40 MHz Coexistence

Enable WMM (WiFi multimedia) settings

CTS/RTS Threshold - 2347

Preamble Mode - Automatic

Trasmit Power Control - 50% [noticed client's attempting to jump between APs during validation testing and hence dropped 2.4GHz Tx power]


(disabled) Enable SSID Broadcast [correct if wrong, but again believe this is tied to Admin SSID as it was disabled with no user interaction after establishing SSIDs]

Enable WMM (WiFi multimedia) settings


Enable MU-MIMO

(disabled) Enable Fast Roaming


VLAN / Bridge Settings for VLAN ID 50:

(disabled) Client Isolation

(enabled) Network Isolation


The intended use of this SSID/VLAN is to provide a secondary "employee" network despite the GUI referencing it as IoT. 


I've seen a few other posts on here with connectivity issues tied to seemingly random settings including Traffic Metering settings, however cannot see anything logically wrong with this config. Is there anyone else experiencing this issue, or noticing client interruptions on the Wireless 3 SSID? Perhaps this is a new bug? I've verified the issue persists across numerous client devices inclduing brand new M1 Apple devices leveraging 802.11ax, through legacy 802.11ac hardware.


While fairly adept at managing enterprise grade wireless this is seemingly ellusive. I appreciate any insight, and would be happy to provide additional details as needed.


Thank you

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Re: SXR80 - Wireless 3 (IoT) Client Interruptions

Thank you for reaching us here. 


Do you know those device experiencing issues are connected to router or satellite?

Let us know the distance between your router and satellite. Any obstruction like thick concrete wall etc? You can share your network diagram. 

We need debug log to debug your issue. Please access your router and satellite UI by

1. https://<ip add>/debug.htm. 

2. Click on Start Capture. Wait for the issue to happen.

3. Click on Save debug log.


You can upload the debug logs into google drive and send me link to download via PM.



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Re: SXR80 - Wireless 3 (IoT) Client Interruptions

Thank you for the reply Raghu,


I applied the most recent sucurity hotfix a few days prior ( to see if that would resolve the connection issues (should it be a hiccup in the firmware) however, it appears unseccessful.


The connection problem appears to persist no matter which AP the clients are connected to, and this includes 10 feet line of sight from 2 separate satellites for testing.


The solution is currently configured in a hub-and-spoke where each AP is directly connected via wireless backhaul to the main router.


I will work on collecting some debug captures to provide here. I did open a case 44974595 however, due to the timing was unable to call in before it auto archived.


Thank you

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Re: SXR80 - Wireless 3 (IoT) Client Interruptions

After further testing it appears that "something" is triggering the remote satellites to power cycle.. which is then in turn causing clients to associate with the next nearest AP explaining the client "networking interruption, slow connection, re-established fast connection" loop. 


While Netgear evaluates the logs submitted, has anyone else noticed this behavior and more specifically when leveraging VLANs and multiple SSIDs? I'm hoping there's either some magic setting combo that can combat this in the meantime, or perhaps downgrading to an older firmware. These were deployed after an out of box update to and thus I've got no historic data to leverage.


Thank you

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Re: SXR80 - Wireless 3 (IoT) Client Interruptions

I think this sounds like the issue I've been having with mine in AP mode... not sure when my systems upgraded to v3.2.6.100, but a few days ago, I started noticing severe packet loss on all devices for a few seconds/minutes at a time. Connectivity would come back for a few seconds, then drop again. No devices ever disconnected from the network. I noticed upon unplugging the SXS80 satellite that everything works fine when devices connect to the SXR80 only. I factory reset the SXS80, and it appeared to function normally for a few days (that said, I haven't been around during the day to use it much). The issue is now back, and the network is almost unusable at times. The only solution is to unplug the satellite.


Of note is that I can still ping both the SXR80 and SXS80, even if I can't ping their upstream gateway.


Note that nothing else about my physical setup or network has changed at all. I do have 3 VLANs set up, and the issue seems to happen on all of them at the same time. Not sure if relevant, but I ran Wireshark and saw one of the Orbis ARP'ing for something on the wrong VLAN. The SXR80 also reports in the logs intermittently getting an address on the wrong VLAN (not sure if it does this normally).


Trying to downgrade to v3.2.5.102 to see if it fixes the issue.

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