Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

New - RBR860 / RBS860 Firmware Version Released


New - RBR860 / RBS860 Firmware Version Released

Enhancements: 03/22/2023

  • Improves the stability of WiFi device connections during roaming

Security Fixes:


Download Link:



Firmware Update Instructions:

To update your router’s firmware, follow the instructions in your router’s user manual. To find your user manual, visit https://www.netgear.com/support/, enter your model number in the search box, and click the Documentation button on the product page.


Please navigate to the link below for step-by-step instructions on how to update your RBR850/RBS850:

Orbi Manual Factory Reset Process 




Be sure to update the RBS FIRST, then the RBR lastly. 


It is HIGHLY recommend after the FW is loaded on the system and it's back to ready, power OFF all Orbi units and the ISP modem/ONT for 1 minute. Then back ON with the ISP modem/ONT first, then RBR then RBS.


NOTE: Orbi app or the routers web page may not report seeing new FW updates. NG may not push this to there auto update services immediately and may activate the newer FW update being seen on there auto update services at a later time. User will have the choice to manually update if you want too.


NOTE: The Disable Auto Update feature only prevents ANY new FW from being installed if available. This does NOT prevent the system from checking NG services to see if new FW is available. If new FW is available, this will be displayed as a notification to the user on the RBRs web page only. It will be up to the user to upgrade FW or not. 


A factory reset maybe needed if problems are encountered after the FW update:




NOTE: Recommend setting the default DHCP IP address pool range to the following after applying and a factory reset: 192.168.#.100 to 192.168.#.200


This article applies to:

Let us know how it works for you...

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