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Orbi AX4200 WiFi 6 High-Performance Router (RBR750) internet issues


Orbi AX4200 WiFi 6 High-Performance Router (RBR750) internet issues

Hey guys and gals!


I had recently purchased a Orbi AX4200 WiFi 6 High-Performance Router (RBR750) and I have been having issues with disconnecting from internet while downloading larger files/updates(video games). In the beginning, it never used to happened. But I will be downloading a game, and randomly, it will disconnect the entire house from wifi/internet. I then must go into the router area and reset it for the internet to come back on. Then repeat the download(where it left off at). Just for it to continue to happen.. til its done downloading. Anyone else have this same issue? Maybe knows how to fix it? Thanks!


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Re: Orbi AX4200 WiFi 6 High-Performance Router (RBR750) internet issues

For the forum to help you we'll need more information about your ORBI system. Here's a few items we need to know:


1) How many satellites does your ORBI system have?

2) What firmware is installed on the router and satellites?

3) What size is your home?

4) What channels are selected for 2.4 gHz and 5 gHz bands?

5) Do you have any neighbors near enough to "see" their WiFi signals?

6) Does you issue happen at a particular time of day?

7) What type of modem or ONT do you have? (Make and model)


Once you post this information, the members can try to suggest troubleshooting steps. BTW, the members of this group are NOT employees of NetGear. We just try to help fellow ORBI users. Good luck!


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Re: Orbi AX4200 WiFi 6 High-Performance Router (RBR750) internet issues

1. I have 2 satellites

2. all 3 is Firmware Version

3. 2500 sq. feet

4. Not sure what you mean? It's on auto I believe.

5. Yes

6. No, just when downloading larger files. I also tried different game clients, and still happens. 

7. Direct connection from outside? Bare with me, but the LAN connection cable comes in from outside and I have directly attached it to the router.


I want to be clear however, that this has not happened before. It used to work just fine. I have not downloaded anything to mess around with anything with the router or internet. I am also connected with a wired connection for the PC. But still goes down when downloading. Also, I have 1g of internet speed, and I run speed tests all the time, and get great speeds(900+). Think that's all that I got. Thanks!  

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Re: Orbi AX4200 WiFi 6 High-Performance Router (RBR750) internet issues

Are you certain your ORBI is a model RBR750 and not a CBR750? You say you have a "direct connection from the outside". If your ORBI does not contain a built-in Modem (CBR750), in order to function correctly, there must be either a cable modem or an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) inline before your ORBI router. 


The current and latest firmware version for the RBK750 series is V4.6.14.3_2.3.12.( If you actually have an CBR750 the current firmware is V4.6.14.4.) I suggest you download that firmware and update your system starting with the satellites. If possible, do the firmware update via a laptop connected via a CAT 6 cable.


DO NOT use the Orbi app to update firmware. Sign in to the web-based User Interface (UI) via a web browser with the satellite IP address, e.g., 192.168.1.xxx and select the Advanced tab>Administration>Firmware Update>Manual Update. Work methodically and allow each satellite to reboot, stabilize and reconnect to the router BEFORE attempting to update the router. Once the router has been updated and reestablish contact to the sats and your devices, power down your entire WiFi system (router, satellites, and modem) for at least 1 minute. Then bring them back online one at a time, i.e., Modem, router, sat 1, sat 2. Allow everything several minutes (5-10) to stabilize before doing any speed tests or other performance checks.


Good luck!

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