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RBR750 - Port Forwarding/NAT not working with VPN


RBR750 - Port Forwarding/NAT not working with VPN

Hi there -


I recently bought the Orbi RKB750 kit - one Orbi RBR 750 and one Orbi RBS 750 Satellite connected via Wifi.

I'm running FW V3.2.18.1_1.4.14 on both router and satellite.


I'm having issues with Port Forwarding when using a VPN Client. In this case, I'm using VPN Anywhere running on a Mac. The Mac is connected directly to the RBR via Ethernet.

The Mac has a static IP address and I've forwarded a specific port (in this case 59259) to it. UPnP is set to "On".


When running the VPN Client, the port simply won't be forwarded. I've tried with both NAT Filtering set to both "Secure" and "Open" and the result is the same unfortunately.


When I disable the VPN Client on the Mac the port is being forwarded fine.


Would appreciate any help here.





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Re: RBR750 - Port Forwarding/NAT not working with VPN

What is the Mfr and model# of the Internet Service Providers modem/ONT the NG router is connected too?

If you set a specific custome PF configuration, then you'll need to disable uPnP as well. 

Contact the mfr of this VPN app for additional help and information regarding it. 

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Re: RBR750 - Port Forwarding/NAT not working with VPN

The router from the cable company is a Technicolor CGM4140COM and it's in Bridge mode.


With the Orbi, I tried turning using Port Forwarding and turning off UPnP and also tried turning off Port Forwarding and turning on UPnP and both aren't working. When not running VPN on the client both methods work fine.


Before I had the Orbi system, I was using an Apple AirPort Extreme (with the same Technicolor router) and had no problem with UPnP and Port Forwarding.


I've contacted VPN Unlimited's support but haven't gotten a reply.


Grateful for any other suggestions as to what to try.

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