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RBR750 Port Forwarding Not Working


RBR750 Port Forwarding Not Working

I am trying to get port forwarding to work and I have not been successful. 

- I have tried with and without a DDNS service and neither has worked. 

- I have a static IP address assigned to my target device with a DHCP reservation.

- I have UPnP disabled

- I am in router Mode

- My Orbi base Router is directly connected to Fiber Optic Output unit from Frontier with no Frontier Modem or Router in between

- FW Version is V4.6.14.3_2.3.12

- I am trying to configure with TeamViewer to enable WOL but I am not able to get the port forwarded for TewmViewer to connect to.


I feel like I have tried everything and can not get a connection to establish through NoIPs port check, canyouseeme.org, or through the TeamViewer application to push the magic packet.



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Re: RBR750 Port Forwarding Not Working

As a person who leaves his desktop computer turned on 24/7, I confess to being puzzled about the need for Wake on LAN from "somewhere on the internet".  But, whatever.......


It might be worth a brief check on the IP addressing.  i.e.:

  • On the 750 router web interface, the Advanced Tab home page, the IP address that shows for Internet Port IP address should match the address that is reported by those web services, such as https://canyouseeme.org 
    It appears that you have tested this already.
  • There needs to be a device which accepts direction from the internet and creates the WOL broadcast packet on the LAN.
    The Wikipedia article on Wake on LAN is pretty clear that WOL is designed to operate at layer 2 of the OSI model and is generally not routed.  Notice the comments that IP addresses are not used.  The Magic Packet is broadcast to every device on the LAN and the device with a matching MAC address is  the one that "wakes up".

My sense is that this is not a simple task to accomplish.

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Re: RBR750 Port Forwarding Not Working

Here's an example of a product, Sonicwall, that includes creating WOK Magic Packets as a feature:



The Orbi router does not have a similar feature.

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Re: RBR750 Port Forwarding Not Working

Another solution:


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Re: RBR750 Port Forwarding Not Working

Thank you.  I have tested that.  TeamViewer is supposed to generate and send the magic packet but it needs to know where to send it.  My public IP does match those sites.  Now that I have updated to the newest version of FW my device list is missing connected devices and is showing incorrect IP addresses.  This might be part of the problem.


- In my CMD window, it shows that the PC I am on has an internal IP address of

- In the list of devices on the main Orbi Page, it has the correct device name listed with a different MAC address and IP address as

- When I check the DHCP Reservation, it still shows the correct device name and the MAC address and IP address match what is shown in the CMD window when the ipconfig /all command is run.


Both this PC and another are plugged into the Orbi Satelite and only one is showing up even though they both have access to the internet.  Neither of them match the MAC or IP address as shown for the 1 device name it did see.  I am getting very confused.


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Re: RBR750 Port Forwarding Not Working

I think 7.1.2 on page 15 might be the problem:


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Re: RBR750 Port Forwarding Not Working

(Having failed thus far to find a solution, ..........)


UDP is really frustrating because there is no "connection" like there is with TCP.  (The sender does not send a connection request, wait for the target to respond, OK (an "Ack"), then send the first data packet.  And, the data packets have sequence numbers which guarantee that if they get out of order during their journey through the internet, they get put back together in the correct order.  UDP is just, "Send" and that's the end of it.


So, if the TeamViewer server sends a UDP Magic Packet to the public IP address, the Orbi will forward that packet (without changing anything) to..... Where?

  • If the target PC is "connected", the Orbi can find it using Address Resolution Protocol (ARP).  "Who has"
  • If the target PC is not connected, I'm not sure what the Orbi can do with this packet.

The  Wikipedia article has a section on troubleshooting:


Things like:

  • which port does this Ethernet card expect WOL to appear on? (0? 7? 9?)
  • which power states does it "wake" from?
  • will it accept a Magic Packet that is not a Broadcast packet? (IP address

I would approach this in two steps:

  1. Does the Orbi forward the Magic Packet to the target computer when the computer is turned on?
    Use Wireshark on the target PC to see if the Magic Packet arrives.
    Perhaps use the Orbi debug mode to 'capture LAN/WAN traffic' and verify that (a) the Magic Packet appears on the WAN interface and (b) is transmitted out the LAN interface.
  2. What happens when the computer is turned off?
    Wireshark is no good for this because the computer is not running.  hmmm.....
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