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Re: Firmware Version issues/fixes


Re: Firmware Version issues/fixes

I downgraded to the previous version (hoping that it won't automatically update) and it has corrected my problems. I'll be waiting for the next firmware release before I try updating again.

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Re: Firmware Version issues/fixes

Upgraded since day 1, everything been running smoothly since.

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Re: Firmware Version issues/fixes

So according to the firmware download page:


New Features and Enhancements:

  • Supports VLAN and bridging on the Orbi router.
  • Supports IGMP proxy.
  • Allows users to enable or disable the “Allow guests to see each other and access my local network”  feature in AP mode.


There is no further explanation to be found anywhere. Can somebody explain what the first two points mean and where to configure them?


I looked around the GUI everywhere and can't find setting for an IGMP proxy nor VLAN settings anywhere. I am particular confused by "and bridging on the Orbi router". Wasn't the Orbi router always able to be bridged by being put into "AP Mode". 


Really extemly confusing if no further information is provided. Just a few sentences would do. Please Netgear (moderators)?

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Re: Firmware Version issues/fixes

@anschmid wrote:

When I do a status update on Dynamic DNS I get this:


something.mynetgear.com updated successfully at 08:00 AM, 01/01/1970


Not sure what clowns are working at Netgear but this is a problem I dealt with 20 years ago when I studied computer science. You'd think by now people programming hardware would know how to probably pull a date from the system without using the default date when the first computer was created?


Amateurs at best but probable less than that!


I have to correct myself on this one. I checked this again today and now the status is working and is showing a correct time:


something.mynetgear.com updated successfully at 12:48 AM, 02/28/2017


All I can think of is that the router might have not gotten a time refresh after I did the udpate since checking Dynamic DNS working was one of the first things I checked after the update as I was waiting for it desperately! But router was up and I was using the web interface obviously!


Thanks Netgear folks, not that bad after all!

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