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Re: Help w/ Orbi Placements & Config


Help w/ Orbi Placements & Config

I have a couple questions regarding both the placement of my Orbi satellites and some of the config details.


1. When connected via ethernet to my MBP (via USB dongle) I cannot seem to get more than 100Mbps. However, if I am running wireless I can get 250/ 290 Mbps. What's going on there?


2. When I add my second satellite I lose quite a bit of speed. Is there a trick to get the same bandwidth from each of the devices?


Thank you! Aaron

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Help w/ Orbi Placements & Config

If you log-in to the routers main page and go to Advanced Home --> Show Statistics then you can see what speed has been assigned to the port that your MBP is plugged into.   it will be either 1000M (gigabit)   or 100M.


What speed does your USB/Ethernet interface support ?  Is it gigabit enabled ?   If not then 100Mbps will be the max you will get.


If it is gigabit enabled then you should check the cable is cat6 and, either way, try a different cable.    I have found the Orbi to be more sensitive than other devices to the cable being used.  I have some cables that work fine at gigibit speeds with my old router whereas the Orbi drops to 100M with the same cable.  Possibly the Orbi's ethernet hardware is more sensitive ?

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