How to measure/resolve signal overlap?


How to measure/resolve signal overlap?

Knowing that part of the issue with router-to-satellite (and back) roaming is potentially signal overlap, I'd like to address that...the right way.


Given that I can't see things that the router can like, say, signal strength/speed between the router and satellite, what's the best way to approach this?


I tried turning down TX power on both the router and satellite (down to first 75% and then to 50%), but it didn't seem to improve device steering (much), and definitely degraded per-floor client signalling.


Has anyone else attempted to approach/address this?  If so, how did you go about it?



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Re: How to measure/resolve signal overlap?



i have used bith inssider to test rssi levels and ran a throughput test - ethernet router to ethernet sat


with insside you want to see the transmissions sit somewhere between -50 and -60 if you stand inbetween the router and sat and should both be about the same level rssi wise


with the throughput test put the router and sat relitivly close together and connect a comp to each and transfer something between them and watch the windows transfer advanced window to get the transfer speed


then move the sat further away and test again and see if the throughput drops and keep moving back till the throughput drops to about 1/2 , you can bring it a bit closer but not too much and then look at the rssi levels again to see if you have found that -50 to -60db rssi level


that should get you the sweet spot



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