RBK40 vpn


RBK40 vpn

How to setup vpn for Orbi RBK40?
Rbk40 can use openVPN in the advanced settings, but it will not be set up, the provided links can not download the client, there are no detailed tutorials








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Re: RBK40 vpn

Netgear has programmed the Orbi to support OpenVPN "host" (not "Client").  This means that devices remote to the Orbi, out on the internet somewhere, can VPN into the Orbi.  Once inside the Orbi, they can have access to computers inside the Orbi network, and also can access internet resources on the internet.


The first use allows an Orbi owner to access resources when "not at home."  For example, the Orbi web interface can be accessed and the Orbi can be manipulated.  A web server might be updated.  A database server accessed.  Or, security cameras accessed.


The second use allows an Orbi owner to access the general internet and appear to be "at home."  Everything will come from the IP address of the Orbi router, not from the remote location where the owner happens to be at the time.


Becusue this is encapsulated in a VPN tunnel, the user can feel secure that nothing can be compromised by the remote WiFi system.  For example, in an airport or coffee shop.  Who knows if the WiFi system is being monitored or recorded?  With VPN, it doesn't matter.


On the other hand, an OpenVPN "Client" would be used to pass everything from inside the Orbi to the internet through a VPN tunnel to a VPN provider, such as NordVPN.  (There are 100's of VPN providers.)  Some people want everything they do on the internet to be anonymous.  VPN Clients "hide" their original location and strip out any personal identifying information.  This is not what OpenVPN on the Orbi does.  I know of no VPN Client software that can be installed on the Orbi platform.


So, there are two steps:

  1. Create a Dynamic DNS host at one of the DDNS systems supported by Orbi.  and are the only two DDNS providers that Orbi will work with.
  2. After this is done, activate OpenVPN and download the configuration file for the type of device that will be used to VPN into the Orbi: Windows, Smartphone, "non-Windows" (e.g. Linux.)  The configuration files download by clicking on the buttons.  Also, open the windows describing how to set up the OpenVPN on each platform. These are not obvious.  They are underneath the buttons and are not underlined (as links should be).  But, the web browser cursor will change into a hand when moused over them.

Is this enough to start?

I love my Orbi.
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