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GS108PE not allowing web access across the network


GS108PE not allowing web access across the network

I have set the IP address within my management network and can access the Web UI when directly connected to the switch on the same VLAN/IP subnet as the switch.  However, while I can PING the switch from another device across my network on the same VLAN/IP subnet, I cannot access the Web UI.  It keeps giving me the following message...


This site can’t be reached

10.X.X.X refused to connect


I've redacted the IP address of the switch, but as I mentioned earlier, I can ping the switch from the same device I'm getting this error message on.  My one thought is I am not using VLAN 1 for my management VLAN, so I'm wondering if the switch cannot be managed outside of VLAN 1?  There is no spot to change the management VLAN...only the management IP address, so I'm thinking that may be the issue?  The one thing that makes me doubt that is if I put a port on the switch untagged in the management VLAN and plug my laptop into that port and assign an IP address in the same range as the switch...I can access the Web UI.
Any similar experiences?
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Re: GS108PE not allowing web access across the network

Most of these Web configurable switches are not built on a managed switch core with a management VLAN and a management core handled by an untagged management CPU connected to an internal untagged port. There is a small microcontroller listening on all frames passing the switch, taking care on e.g. ICMP multicast or the managment IP stack. No management VLAN, the controller does not deal with tagged frames.


Technically, it does not matter over which VLAN the untagged management frames are going in and out of the microcontroller, relevant is just the IP subnet and IP adddress.


Few newer 10 GbE and Multigig Plus switrches (xxnnnEx) are implemented on a management core - there is a proper management CPU on a management VLAN. These behave more like a managed switch - something these Web managed Plus switches were never intended for.




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