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AV Over IP: Impossible On Your Existing Network #Blog


AV Over IP: Impossible On Your Existing Network #Blog



NETGEAR's Laurent Masia @LaurentMa  posted an informative blog "AV over IP: Impossible on your Existing Network" discussing the interaction with your existing network on high-bandwidth video streams. 


Article Summary:

AV Over IP: Impossible On Your Existing Network
Laurent disputes the argument that you should simply ignore 10G AV over IP networks and instead layer 1G AV over IP on your existing network instead.  calling this a certifiably a false statement. Adding AV over IP to your existing network will always require new infrastructure.

Unless you're running a strictly non-blocking network - an irresponsible waste in corporate IT - you won't be able to use your existing infrastructure, without modification for AV. Where is the bottleneck?

Commonly an edge switch includes 24 or 48 copper ports, with two to four fiber ports aggregating traffic back to the core of the network.

In the article, the author argues for a concept that is now the standard approach to enterprise network design: oversubscription of network links.

You can imagine how the network admin would react if you injected multiple videos through the existing network.

You cannot leverage your existing network for new AV-over-IP applications, because your infrastructure is already oversubscribed, and video streams demand huge amounts of bandwidth.

Read the entire article:  AV Over IP: Impossible On Your Existing Network 


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