Community app compatibility with ReadyNAS OS 6.6.0


Community app compatibility with ReadyNAS OS 6.6.0

As of ReadyNAS OS 6.6.0-RC1 the following community apps have been found incompatible with ReadyNAS OS 6.6.0 and removed from our available apps pending update.

NETGEAR has previously notified the maintainers of these apps regarding compatibility with our upcoming ReadyNAS OS 6.6.0 release.

Downloads for users requiring these apps are available below.


Amule for ReadyNAS by Poussin

1.0.3 for all


Cacti for ReadyNAS by Poussin

0.8.8 for all


Gateone by Poussin

1.0.2 for all


IDrive by Deepak Chaurasia

1.00.07 for armel


iredmail by Rebaca

1.0.3 for all


Jenkins CI by ReadyNAS Xtras

1.534.1 for all


Logitech Media Server NT by NAStools

7.9.0.b7dfc80-nt1 for armel


LeBonCoinRSS by Slobberbone for all


Memeo C1 by Memeo Inc. for armel


Media Wiki by ReadyNAS Guru

1.0.4 for all


Moodle by ReadyNAS Guru

2.5.2 for all


Novius by Poussin

1.0.0 for all


NZBGet by ReadyNAS Guru

1.0.4 for all


OpenERP by ReadyNAS Guru

1.0.2 for all


ownCloud by Poussin

6.0.0 for all


Postgresql 9.1 by ariscop

9.1 for all


RADIUS Server by ReadyNAS Guru

1.1.1 for all


Subsonic by Poussin

1.0.2 for all


TVMobili for Readynas by ReadyNAS Guru

1.0.4 for all


Wordpress by Poussin

1.0.0 for all


ZoneMinder NT by NAStools

1.30.0-nt1 for amd64


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Re: Community app compatibility with ReadyNAS OS 6.6.0

Un-floating this thread since it has been a few releases.
These apps are available at the following think:
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