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Slow Speed


Slow Speed

Installed new R6120 router. Speed from my modem through Ethernet connection is 350 Mbps.

Through the router it's 95 Mbps on 2.4 GHZ, 5G and Ethernet. My previous router was 350 Mbps.

Any idea why? 


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Re: Slow Speed

Blinded by the high possible WiFi link rates? This is a router coming with Fast Ethernet on the LAN and Internet/WAN port side - no Gigabit. So these ~95 Mb/s are about it. Not the world's best marketing by Netgear claiming AC1200 (300+900Mbps) paired with non-exact details on the Internet/WAN port:  Frustration guaranteed for customers and Netgear-friendly community members I have to say...

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Re: Slow Speed

@tomsnett wrote:

Installed new R6120 router.


Put simply, you bought the wrong router.


The top speed the R6120 can deliver is 100 Mbps. That is the specification for its WAN and LAN ports, the sockets on the back that connect to the Internet and the things on your network.


The R6120 is one of a small number of Netgear routers with 100 Mbps Ethernet. All the others offer at least gigabit.


Netgear should take these devices off the market. It is amazing that they still exist more than a decade after gigabit became the standard.


Return your router and get something that supports your Internet speed.




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