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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

GS108--400NAS Prosafe 8-Port Gigabit Desktop switch


GS108--400NAS Prosafe 8-Port Gigabit Desktop switch


My GS108 unmanaged network switch has worked perfectly since I installed it in 2019.

The input to my switch is from an eero router. Then I have CAT5e cable running to 4 different rooms of my home

from the outputs of my GS108 switch..

A few days ago I started loosing my internet connection on my desktop on my home ethernet network.

My TV is also on the ethernet network and will also go down when the internet connection is down.

But at the same time my wife would be browsing on her laptop using our router's wireless capabitity without

loosing her connection.

I have been able to restore my internet connection on my ethernet by unplugging the switch power supply and

the input cable from the eero router for a minute or more then reconnecting it.

I believe the power supply to the switch is failing. I don't believe the cable or ports between the router and switch

are failing.

I will find another power supply to test run the switch.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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