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Netgear NV+ Raidar error


Netgear NV+ Raidar error

I had to do a factory reset on the NAS NV+, when I try to log in through Raidar Admin page I get the message " This site can't provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol. ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH

I expect the firmware is out of date, but I can not see how to update it without access to Raidar.

My computer is a Mac running Monterey 12.6, I have updated Raidar Ido not know how to check the firmware  the NAS is running.

the Ready NAS is an NV+ RND4000

Can anyone help please ?

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Re: Netgear NV+ Raidar error

@Martyn-E wrote:


I expect the firmware is out of date, but I can not see how to update it without access to Raidar.


Current firmware also has this problem.  The NAS web server only supportsTLS 1.0, and the browsers now require TLS 1.2.


The best option on a Mac is to install an old version of FireFox (94.0.2 works) - configuring it to not autoupdate.  You won't be able to connect from RAIDar unless you make FireFox the default browser (which I don't recommend). But you can access the web ui directly by browsing to https://nas-ip-address/admin (using the real IP address of course).


Once you have access, there are a couple of options on how to proceed (including just continuing to use the old FireFox browser to access the NAS). More information on this topic is here:

Note the options depend on whether you have an NV+ or an NV+ v2.  Go by the front panel for this check, as other labels are misleading.  The v2 says "ReadyNAS NV+ v2" on the front panel, the original NV+ (called a v1 here) says "ReadyNAS NV+".

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Re: Netgear NV+ Raidar error

Thank you for you information, I am not willing to run on a old firmware I will have to get rid of the NAS.

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