Netgear R7000 seems to factory reset automatically (maybe because of an subnet conflict?)


Netgear R7000 seems to factory reset automatically (maybe because of an subnet conflict?)

Hi Everyone,



My Netgear Nighthawk R7000 seems to factory reset itself every couple of months. (Located in The Netherlands)

When I connect through an ethernet cable I first get the message that the LAN IP has been set to 10.0.x.x to prevent some conflict.

Then I have to go through all of the setup process before I can restore my backup.

After restoring my Netgear backup everything is working fine again for a couple of weeks/months until the whole thing starts again.


On this forum I found that the accepted solution in the following discussion says it might be some sort of subnet conflict:


However, I can't find what the conflict might be.


Setup and configuration

I placed my Netgear behind an KPN ExperiaBox V10 (Dutch ISP modem/router/accesspoint) because I want to use some VPN and configuration options Netgear makes very easy to use and the ExperiaBox doesn't provide.

So the ExperiaBox WAN-port is connected to the actual WAN cable.

Another cable comes from the ExperiaBox LAN to the Netgear WAN.


I use a business contract because that provides me with a couple of static IP-address, though I only need one.

The KPN mechanic/engineer has given me the following data to setup my netgear behind the KPN ExperiaBox:


  • WAN IP-address:
  • WAN IP-subnetmask:
  • WAN IP-gateway:
  • DNS-server: (LAN address of the KPN ExperiaBox)


I verified these IP's three times with different people from the KPN ISP. The gateway and IP-address are different because one of the addresses is used by the ExperiaBox (gateway) and the other one is to be used for different purposes by the customer.


My LAN-settings are like this:

  • Netgear IP-address:
  • IP-subnetmask:
  • DCHP range from to
  • I've got twe static LAN IP's for network storage and printer. ( and



Does anyone of you see where the conflict is? Or might there be something else going on?


Thanks a lot in advance!


Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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