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AC750 WiFi Range Extender No Internet


AC750 WiFi Range Extender No Internet

I am having issues with my product I never had this issue before and everything started to happen when I got changed the router password from the new router. I was instructed to change the password for the router after 2 weeks have gone by and that is what I did after that the EX3700 wouldn't let me connect to the internet instead I get a message saying " Internet May Not Be Available " but the 2GEXT and 5GEXT are showing up on the WIFI, the other odd thing that I also noticed was that when I connect the internet cable on to the EX3700 it seems to work fine so at this point I have a feeling the router is blocking the connection from the EX3700 and I don't know where to get information on this in order to fix it.

Model: EX3700|AC750 WiFi Range Extender Essentials Edition
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Re: AC750 WiFi Range Extender No Internet

The ex3700 might not have the changed wifi password for connecting to the router. I'd reset the device (hold the reset button for 7-10 seconds) and then redo your setup. this will make sure you have the correct password so they communicate correctly. Whenever you change the routers wifi password, you have to change it within the extender for how it connects to the router. You can go into the extender wired and redo the setup process as well. Either way works. I'll post the link for the manual, firmware, faq at the end for you to look at. 



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Re: AC750 WiFi Range Extender No Internet

I tried that already, I also contacted my network provider and they told me that the WPS is enabled and everything is working fine on their end and don't know why the extender is not picking up internet they also gave me a support number for netgear.

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