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AX1800 EAX20 - PS5 could not connect to the internet via the extender network


AX1800 EAX20 - PS5 could not connect to the internet via the extender network

As subject; by default the extender will prompt me to use "one-name" for the extender network, which my PS5 will return a fail message stating that the router might be preventing it from connecting to the internet.  Opt-out of the one-name and created different network for the extender, so I can connect to the original wireless network OR the extender network; PS5 was able to connect to the internet via the original wireless network, but not with the extender network (both 2G and 5G).


Any idea where and what I should be looking for?  Technician on chat already told me to unplug the extender for 2mins and plug it back in for a power cycle, didn't work.

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Re: AX1800 EAX20 - PS5 could not connect to the internet via the extender network

I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble connecting your PS5 to the internet via the extender network. Here are some possible solutions that I found from the web:

Restart your PS5 and router. Press the PS button on your controller, hit the power icon at the bottom, and select Restart PS5. Then, unplug your router from the power source, wait for a few seconds, and plug it back in.
Check your DNS settings. Go to PS5 Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection. Select your extender network and press the Options button on your controller. Click Advanced Settings > DNS Settings > Manual. Enter in the Primary DNS and in the Secondary DNS. Click OK.
Unblock your PS5 from Wi-Fi settings. Log into your router’s web interface and look for a list of connected devices. Make sure your PS5 is not blocked or blacklisted by your router.
Update your router firmware. Go to your router’s web interface and check for any available firmware updates. Download and install the latest version of the firmware for your router model.
I hope these steps help you resolve the issue.

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Re: AX1800 EAX20 - PS5 could not connect to the internet via the extender network

First of all thank you for the reply,


Restart your PS5



and router. 

Tried, cool boot with a 2 minutes wait, as mentioned.


Check your DNS settings.

I am using the google public DNS to begin with.  I did try to switch it back to default, no luck there as well.


Unblock your PS5 from Wi-Fi settings.

Might need more detail on this.  But as far as the modem is concern, there's no blocked device or blacklist or anything; in fact the modem is clean and fresh, no modifications were made (except that I turned the security setting down from medium/default to low/none, basically disabled the firewall)


Update your router firmware.

Modem's firmware cannot be manually updated (Thanks Rogers.ca!), but from what I gathered on the net, it is on the latest version.


Regardless of all that, it still couldn't explain why it work with the original network (both cabled, and wireless) but not with the extender; it suggests that the extender is somehow interfering with it, but as mentioned, on the Modem's admin page (, nothing is affecting it (or anything, since all settings except security are on default and I didn't make any modifications)


Thank you for the attempt.

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