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Best wi-fi range extender

I recently built a small freestanding office space about 15 feet away from my home. My comcast router and wifi emanates from the center of my home. I got a linksys RE6700 to extend wifi to the office space. It's plugged in there, and I get an OK signal. It cuts in and out, speeds vary, and occasionally cuts out for 10 min at a time. I'm thinking I might buy a more powerful one if possible to get a better connection. Are they all equal or is there a brand / model with better range?

FWIW, I have tried moving it around and think I have found the optimal spot. I also can't use a powerline one because my office has it's own panel.

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Re: Best wi-fi range extender

You could try a moca adapter if you have coax ran out there. 

Or just bite the bullet and bury an underground ethernet wire. That much distance wouldn't take that much time to do yourself. And would be worth it in the long term

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