Can the Nighthawk EX7300 be used as a wifi router?


Can the Nighthawk EX7300 be used as a wifi router?

I own a Nighthawk Model EX7300 and was hoping the wirelessly connect it to my WiFi modem (which is in a closet near our kitchen) to extend the range throughout our condo (which has concrete walls) but, no matter where I placed it, I had very poor connection in our master bedroom.


Today, a technician with Frontier (our internet and TV provider) came out and, by using the coaxel cable, was able to directly connect our internet to a small device called an ActionTech ECB6200 right there in our bedroom.  It has an ethernet port which can then deliver internet access to another WiFi Modem.


My question is, can our Nighthawk Model EX7300 be used as a simple WiFi modem by connecting the ethernet cable to the ethernet port at the bottom of the Nighthawk.  


In other words, instead of wirelessly receiving and then rebroadcasting the original WiFi internet signal from the WiFi modem in the closet, can it receive the internet signal from the ethernet port and then wirelessly rebroadcast from right there in our bedroom???

Model: EX7300v2|AC2200 Nighthawk X4 WiFi Mesh Extender
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Re: Can the Nighthawk EX7300 be used as a wifi router?

Will it act as a router? no. 

can you connect it and put the EX7300 in access point mode? Yes. That'll should achieve what you're trying to do. The actiontec is a simple moca adapter so is still running off the router in the other room. So by connecting the EX7300 to it and putting it in access point mode,it'll should work

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