Drivers needed to connect to my router


I've just finished a fresh install of Windows 8.1 on a new computer and it cannot recognize any network connections. Support at Windows and my ISP told me that I need to get drivers from netgear, who made my router, a WNR1000v2. The router does not have a serial number, and the netgear representative I spoke with told me it's probably refurbished.

The representative couldn't tell me how to obtain these drivers, though, because I didn't want to pay for a support plan... can anyone help me with this?

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Re: Drivers needed to connect to my router

You can check if there is newer version firmware for the router to download and install.. What is your NIC/WiFi card in your computer? Does it have latest driver for W8?Does it give any error message when you try to connect?
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Re: Drivers needed to connect to my router

Check if the wireless light is lit up on the router. No drivers needed for the router to broadcast SSID. Check the wireless adapter of your computer, make sure it is enabled and working properly. For isolation as well to make sure which of the two devices are having problems is try to use a different wireless device. If you can see the network using a different device then the problem is the Windows 8.1 computer. Try to use your Windows 8.1 computer on a different location, if it cannot detect wireless then wireless card of the the computer is not working properly or disabled.
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