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EX7500 Extender Setup Problems


EX7500 Extender Setup Problems

Hello. I am trying to extend me wireless nework. I have a new Nighthawk X10 router and I'm trying to set up the EX7500 extender. I've used WPS and I've tried manual set-up as well. When I use WPS it shows connected but both the 2.4 snd 5 GHz lights on the unit are not lit up. When I login to mywifiext it tells me "Your WiFi extender connection is up and running." but it also says "no connection" in the graphic for both the 2.4 and 5 GHz. See the attached screenshot. I run through the smart set-up and make it all the way through the setup, but when its done the lights still are not lit on the extender. I've done a factory reset and also made sure my firmware us current. I already have a different extender up and running successfully--that one is model EX8000 and that installed perfectly first time.  What am I doing wrong??  Thank you.



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Re: EX7500 Extender Setup Problems

Your screen shot shows that you have a working router<->extender link, but that no clients are currently connected to the extender's client-facing wifi.


That's not an error, unless there are clients connected. 



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Re: EX7500 Extender Setup Problems

Thank you Stephen. I had no idea that’s how it worked. 

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