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My EX6200 its just... ridiculus


My EX6200 its just... ridiculus

firmware: V1.0.3.74_1.1.109

whats going on with it? i pay for a good extender and i have crap..  its just ridiculus i use as extender 2.4G to 2,4 and 5G extender... i made a speedtest near to router with my mobile with (speedtest) and i get 20mbs from the original signal... so i conect my ex6200 to wifi and i made the test with extended signal and i get..... 3MBs per second.


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i test it with laptop and mobile but its ridiculus.. 2.4g an 5g wifis both same speed. ¿what i do with it?


Model: EX6200|AC1200 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: My EX6200 its just... ridiculus

Hello Jositio43


Try to adjust the wireless channel on your router to see if you can get a better signal.



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