Nighthawk XR1000 and Mesh Help


Nighthawk XR1000 and Mesh Help

 I have a NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming 6-Stream WiFi 6 Router (XR1000) - AX5400 in my current home of 1500 sq ft and works fine.  It's all wood and drywall and compact so I still get decent speeds in wifi all the way on the 2nd floor as the router is in the basement.  We are moving into a house over 2x the size, about 4000sq ft and much more spread out.  

I am looking for a mesh network that I can use with the router.  My questions are:


Do I still have to connect the "router" that comes with the mesh network to the modem or can I use it as a satellite off my Nighthawk?


No brick, how many satellites would I need to cover 4k sq ft? 


Would it be better to just use extenders?


Is the NIghthawk Mesh network compariable to the Orbi network?


Thank you for any help!!!!!




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Re: Nighthawk XR1000 and Mesh Help

you can use mesh extenders but I usually advise people to avoid them and go with a full mesh system if they think they're needing more than 1 extender. 

how many do you need? Depends. Each home is different. the nice thing about mesh system is you can add satellites pretty easily. 

The XR1000 isn't a mesh router. so it doesn't integrate with mesh systems. 


If you're wanting to retain the gaming features of hte xr1000 but have a mesh system, you can always add a mesh system like orbi to it and run the orbi in access point mode. 

then you retain the benefits of the DumaOS while still having the coverage of orbi. 


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Re: Nighthawk XR1000 and Mesh Help

Thank you!!  I appreciate the info!!  Very helpful!!


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