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Range Extender and MU-MIMO


Range Extender and MU-MIMO

I recently purchased a new AC1200, Model EX6150-100NAS*.  The box has an imprint that says “Now features MU-MIMO”.  The box also states on the “contents” that it contains model EX6150v2.


I have a NETGEAR Router R7900 Nighthawk X6 AC3000 purchased at Costco.


I use these together with the extender in close proximity to a Ring Floodlight Cam.  It works very well with quick WiFi connection of the Ring camera/video.


I also have a previously purchased an AC1200, Model EX6150v2 extender that is used in close proximity to a Ring Video Doorbell.  The connection to this device does not work nearly as quickly and reliably as does the Floodlight Cam setup despite the extender being even closer to the Ring Video Doorbell.


The extender being used with the Ring Video Doorbell, although seemingly the same as the newer one, did not have the “Now features MU-MIMO” on the box.  


Is it possible the newer extender has additional capability that allows it to function better despite it apparently being the same model?


I have separate networks for each extender and have tried to vary the choices (2G vs 5G) to see what works best.  I am trying to figure out why the Floodlight Cam connects so much faster that the Doorbell Cam and if this is a function of the video devices themselves or the WiFi-Router-Extender setup.


Any thoughts?


Thank you in advance

Model: EX6150|AC1200 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: Range Extender and MU-MIMO

I don't think mu-mimo explains this difference, unless you have a lot of devices connected to the extender.


Does the older extender have up-to-date firmware?

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