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After upgrading to a new router, I had trouble getting my extender to work. I tried the online setup and went to the website in the manual. From there ended up at main Netgear support website and a chat window opened asking me what problem they could help me with. I described the issue and was told that a tech guy would call me back. Eventually they did call and asked for a screen sharing session.....they told me that the reason why my extender can't work is because 35 devised are connected to my network...hmmmmm strange. Eventually they said that  they could help me getting rid of all the intruders but that I would have to purchase a third company network firewall product from Eqosoft, lifetime membership would cost $300. I said that it felt a little strange to ask support for an extender that maybe cost $20 bugs and then end up with having to pay $300 to resolve revere hacker threats. I said that I would need to research that company first and check reviews etc...No reviews available. Eqosoft exists since 2020 it seems. I made some more research and ended up being convinced that it all was a scam!!


Here is the info they gave me to call back should I decide to have them help me with my issue and spend money on Eqosoft:

Netgear support:


Case ID: JT71001

Tech Name: Jeremy Thomas (strange name for a guy with a heavy Indian accent!)

Things to do

1. Block out all unsolicited incoming traffic and unauthorized IP's 



Netgear: It has been difficult to get support to say the least or find a better platform to inform you about what is happing on your support site for some of us (or face sites)


I felt it is my responsibility to share this.


My extender is still not working of course and I have given up on trying to find answers from netgear's support website.

May this little tale help others to avoid beeing ripped off!






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Hello @barbarasaskia


Welcome to the community! 

Thanks for taking the time to post your experience. I'd like to give a hand and help you with the issue(s) you may be experiencing with your device. When you get a chance, please check your inbox as I have sent you a private message. 


Looking forward to hearing back from you! 


Best regards,


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Yes Soft Tree Inc is a scam. and all because the Netgear extender is SO DIFFICULT TO INSTALL. You'd think with ALL these complaints about Soft Tree that Netgear would remedy this huge problem

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Iam am Indian and I got the same experience yesterday. The person who spoke with me was Andrew (of course not the real name)
He asked me to pay 300 $ to fix my problem which actually was a simple reset issue which I could do in a matter of few minutes and doing little google. I hear you say Indian accent and Indians a lot, but we are not sure about that. They can be from any Asian country. All have the same accent. They are trained to liars and none of it what you guys think of them may be right. I never thought that Netgear support links would end up this way. I was a big fan of netgear. These guys should upgrade their security. I ended up resetting my Mac and losing some files because I thought initially it’s genuine and installed few softwares he asked me to install and then I was so scared later I had to reset my MacBook back to factory setting. My weekend is spoiled.
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This is regarding Netgear as I tried to google how to setup the netgear extender wifi at my house, it show me the advertisement having url  https://mynewextsetup.com/ 
After trying all the things I called the number which comes up everytime on the page https://mynewextsetup.com/new-extender-setup.php
This keeps on repeating everytime.
But the fun part is even when my extender is set up the page pops up the same information.
I tried to chat with the representative and they kept on asking my name and number to call me. 
Understanding the scenario of the call was to take my computer access and my personal information and then asking me $150 for fixing my issue. 
Please be aware from these websites
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I fell for the scam hook line and sinker, I paid the $300 only to find the phone number disconnected.
Is netgear working with these people eqosoft? I’m thinking so the number came out of my booklet that came from netgear
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A bunch of crook's
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