Setting up VLAN using WMS5316


Setting up VLAN using WMS5316


I wanted to know if someone could provide some help setting up VLANs on the WMS5316. I would like to have a VLAN separate from my management VLAN so I can use MAC authentication on the WMS5316. Right now my WMS5316 is connected directly to the cable modem/router that does not use MAC authentication. It is my fear that client computers will be able to bypass the MAC authentication on the WMS and obtain an IP directly from the cable modem. The settings for my management VLAN are

IP Network
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
Start IP
End IP

I would like to set up a second VLAN for wireless clients to get their IP from in the form:
IP Network
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway ?
Start IP
End IP

I'm not sure what to set the Default Gateway to be. I can't set it to my WMS IP address ( because I get an error stating that the Default Gateway is not on the same subnet. Someone told me that I need to set up a DHCP helper that points to the WMS. This I'm guessing would have an IP within VLAN 2 that points to the address.

I'm a newbie as far as setting up VLANs. This is my first VLAN I've tried to set up so any help would be appreciated. If I'm attempting to do something totally off please let me know. Do I need another piece of hardware, say a second router to control my second VLAN?

Thanks for any help in advance.
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Re: Setting up VLAN using WMS5316

Unfortunately i cant help with setting up the vlan, but i am interested in setting up a similar scenario. If i find anything ill post back and let you know.
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Setting up VLANs

To Zpower,
We don't know what router you have, and whether it is "Vlan aware".
For 2nd Vlan, you will need a 2nd DHCP pool. Tie each Vlan to a different profile & SSID.

Or you could work with a Layer 3 switch. Again I don't know your switch or AP type. I need a fuller network description.

Regards Marto 😮
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