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Using second router as parental control filter


Using second router as parental control filter

Hi guys,

So basically I am trying to 'daisychain' the netgear router I have to my AT&T router (which doesn't offer parental controls) in order to use Open DNS that netgear offers. I set the dns settings on my netgear and gave it a static ip. The daisychaining worked well, but I can no longer access the router settings using the IP I gave it. Also, the dns parental controls I put on it do not seem to be working either. I have a hunch that it has something to do with the static IP, but am not sure how to proceed. This is the first time I've done something like this, so any advice is appreciated!

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Re: Using second router as parental control filter

I’m not sure that parental controls will work properly if the Netgear router is not the Internet Gateway (which your AT&T router is). The Netgear router probably doesn’t have a Public IP address for its Internet side. How exactly have you cabled up the Netgear and configured it? Is the AT&T router connected to the Netgear’s Internet port? What model of Netgear router do you have? Where did you set the ‘static IP’ in the Netgear settings?



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