WN3000RP (N300) : No Internet Connection - Virgin Superhub (Netgear)


WN3000RP (N300) : No Internet Connection - Virgin Superhub (Netgear)

Just spent the best part of a day (including two hours on the phone to Netgear Tech Support) trying to solve the following problem during initial setting up of the WN3000RP - hope this solution helps others:

Problem :mad:
No internet connection despite the successful pairing between the Extender and the Router. By that I mean, you have either used the WPS or Manual method for configuring the Extender to the Router so that the Extender appears in the WiFi list with an appropriate ssid_EXT along side your Router's broadcast. You will even be able to Connect to the Extender, however a yellow triangle over the signal strength meter in the system tray at the bottom right of the screen indicates that not all is well with your Internet connection.

Background :cool:
The Router is a Virgin Media Superhub, which is made by Netgear (VMDG480). Security encryption was and still is set to WPA Auto. MAC address filtering is enabled to which the WN3000RP Extender's MAC address was entered into the list of allowable devices. I do not need to detail further any of the other Router settings as the 'smoking gun' is within this lot already.

Solution 🙂
After many Extender resets, power downs, power ups and suggestions of changing from WPA to WEP encryption, the problem ended up being the use of MAC address filtering. All other connected devices worked just fine using this approach, but not the WN3000RP. I have now changed the Superhub settings so as not to have MAC address filtering... and all is well with the world once more... except DON'T FORGET to connect an Ethernet cable between the PC and Superhub before attempting to remove the MAC address list otherwise your lights will go out :eek: so to speak.
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Re: WN3000RP (N300) : No Internet Connection - Virgin Superhub (Netgear)

Hi RP1

Have you sorted your issue now? i got my new extender on Sat an i spent all day and night plus all the next day trying to get it to connect regards to the instructions with WN300RP- my advice to you cast them aside. make sure extender is less then a few feet from router reset router by unplugging and also taking out from back of router count to 30 seconds plug back in wait for it configer/setup press big button don't  hold it as thats what turns wifi off, will flash or should rapidly to red/blue go over to extender and press wps just push let go make sure its not the power or will have to start again and all being well the 3 buttons should be nice and bright on. big router button will be red or half and half and then turn solid blue. good luck..

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