WN3000RPv2 slow& inconsistent downloads

I suggested a client purchase a Netgear WN3000RPv3 to extend WiFi coverage upstairs from the main Router (also a Netgear) located downstairs.


When the computer upstairs is connected to the _EXT, the download was so slow that the internet was unusable, so we connected back to the main router.


I took the WN3000RPv3 back to my workshop for further tests and setup as per the Netgear Quick Start N300 WiFi Range Extender instructions.
The results are documented in the attached PDF.

An older WN1000RP performed much better as you can see in the results.


Is this poor performance "normal" or is this extender faulty?


Please advise.



Model: WN3000RPv3|N300 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: WN3000RPv2 slow& inconsistent downloads

Hello Seagull-2019, 


Thank you for the information. Have you tried moving the extender closer to your client's main router? There maybe a few different conditions that can cause this. If the device was recently purchased, we recommend contacting support.


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Re: WN3000RPv2 slow& inconsistent downloads

I initially setup the extender in the same room as the main router and the download speed was very poor.

Extender in Room with Router, Notebook in same room

Download Mbps connected to main router 20.12, 19.56, 21.76
Download Mbps when connected to extender 1.05, 3.23, 5.50
Extender WiFi light Green

Did you read the attachment where I gave the results in other rooms further away from room with main router?


Looks like a bad unit , so I suggested to client to return to supplier for a replacement or refund.


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