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My WN3000RPv2 does not recognize current WIfi channels. I have tried to reset it in the area where my cable modem (C3700) is located - all that seems to do is to throwing other things out of whack. I use an A6100 adapter, and pushing the WPS button will get the wifi button (on the WN3000) to turn on, but messes with everything else - such as my NETFLIX connection getting lost.

Any ideas?

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Re: WN3000RPv2

Are you able to set up the ‘3000 using an Ethernet cable from the computer, I would expect you to have better results that way? Set up the ‘3000 connection back to the C3700, then configure the local wireless connection of the ‘3000 manually, and finally set up the A6100 WiFi manually rather than use UPS.
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