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CM400 Cable Modem Getting Very Hot


CM400 Cable Modem Getting Very Hot

I recently purchased a Netgear CM400 High Speed Cable Modem and noticed that it is operating at an apparently very high temperature.

The body of the modem itself is hot, especially on the bottom, in the center.  But, the coax cable connection on the back of the modem is almost too hot to touch.

Is this normal?

Is the unit defective?

Can this be the cause of constant modem resets?  (I'll be making a separate post about that issue.)

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Re: CM400 Cable Modem Getting Very Hot

Hello LanceS4803 


Yes it shouldn't be that hot do you have your modem in a open area and not stuffed in a entertainment center with other electronics if so and its still getting hot I would swap it out at where you purchased it or contact Netgear support and have it exchanged.





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Re: CM400 Cable Modem Getting Very Hot

Thanks Darren.

It is out in the open on a decktop, and also in it's stand to expose top and bottom.

Will swap it out.

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