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CM500 capped at 100Mbps


CM500 capped at 100Mbps

I replaced the xfinity cable modem with the CM500-1AZNAS modem. The download speed is stuck at 92Mbps.  my earlier xfinitiy cable modem was getting me 200+Mbps.

Called Xfinity and they could not solve this issue on their side.  I've seen one more thread on this forum on this same topic but no solution . 


Any idea how to resolve this issue.


Standard validations done so far below:

1. test performed with laptop connected via ethernet to the cable modem. ( no router)

2. Powercycled the cable modem

3. xfinity tried resetting the connection from their end. 


Thanks in advance.


Model: CM500-1AZNAS|High Speed Cable Modem—DOCSIS 3.0
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Re: CM500 capped at 100Mbps

have you tried replacing the ethernet cable? make sure its cat5e or greater. 

What computer is it? It sounds like you're connected at a fast 10/100mbps connection and not gigabit. 

any other computers you can try testing with? 

are you directly connected to the modem or is there a router connected? if so, what router is connected? 

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