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Re: How to block specific devices that connect to WiFi router (C6300)


How to block specific devices that connect to WiFi router (C6300)

I know enough just to be dangerous and have discovered the Block Services Setup under the Advanced tab in Netgear's Genie application. What I would like to do is block certain devices that connect to the router every once in a while (i.e. when one of the kids is punished I would like to block all of their devices without it impacting other kids/family members). I noticed that I can block services for certain IP addresses; however, the IP addresses on the devices change automatically. Is there a way that I can block services based on the MAC addresses instead of IP addresses?

If not, I am assuming that I will have to set up each device with a static IP. If I do this what happens if a visitor comes over to the house with their wireless device? Is the router smart enough not to automatically assign an IP address that has already been assigned to another device but not turned on? Otherwise if the same IP address is assigned automatically to the new device and an old device with the same static IP address is turned on it will interfere right?

What is the best way to deal with this issue (block specific devices and preventing IP addessing problems if I need to assign static IPs)?


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Re: How to block specific devices that connect to WiFi router (C6300)

I'm going to start by suggestion that you take a different approach to discipline - temporarily confiscate the device.

Now let me answer your questions ...

You can deny access to the WiFi by MAC address using MAC access control - however - "spoofing" a MAC address is a relatively simple task.

You can also block by ip address and use either DHCP reservations (at the router) or static addressing (at the device) to make sure the devices have "consistent" addressing.

If you're using DHCP reservations the router will know not to issue a reserved address to a different device (it's done based on the requesting MAC address). but if you use static, you have to configure the router to not issue those addresses, usually done by reducing the size of the DHCP pool

The challenge you're going to run into however is that static addresses are very easy to set, (bypassing DHCP reservations) and also to change - so that your kids will very easily bypass your blocks.

Don't turn this into an ongoing battle of "who is smarter" that you won't win - hold out your hand and say "GIVE IT TO ME" take the iPad, iPhone, tablet, whatever and lock it away for whatever time period it is.

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day
Teach a man to fish, feed him for life.
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Re: How to block specific devices that connect to WiFi router (C6300)

That's what I always say. Rather than try to apply discipline in an indirect way why not confront the problem?
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Re: How to block specific devices that connect to WiFi router (C6300)

Thanks for taking time to respond. I have decided to assign ip ranges to each family members devices through the router and then apply a sleep schedule to turn off the internet for the kids devices. Since I have several kids each having several devices I will reserve collecting their gadgets for when they are grounded (although they will say they still need their laptop for homework and then do everything but).

I set up a sleep schedule for an ip address range through the router. Can I also block internet access for a different ip address range at the same time? When I try to do this through the Security, Block Services tab it seems that only one can be applied at at time. Does this mean that when I apply a rule all other rules are erased/replaced? If not, where could I go to see all the rules that are currently in effect?
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Re: How to block specific devices that connect to WiFi router (C6300)

You can always use a service like the one from Appiom. I am currently a beta user. You just hook it to your router and use an app to control wifi access. Automatically turns all of the kid's access to wifi on devices at bedtime. Some web filtering too.

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