CM1000 v2 only 16 channels locked, 400 mbps on 1 gig service


CM1000 v2 only 16 channels locked, 400 mbps on 1 gig service

Dear all-


I've been reading other threads on this forum though I don't feel confident about reading the power levels, etc.  I have a CM1000 v2, RCN 1 Gig service.  I don't exceed 400Mbps though. 


My logs are empty - no errors or anything like that.  However, I've noticed that only 16/32 channels are locked.  Shouldn't 32 be locked? or at least more than 16? 


I took the modem outside of the house and connected it directly to the RCN line.  Tested both outside with a cat 6 cable on a 1 gig ethernet port yields the same result as testing inside my home via my router on another computer - 400 mpbs max.  I've reset the modem using the button on the back and by using the software interface.  No difference.


I've called RCN - they tell me the only thing they can do is send out a technician.  On the RCN speed test website it does say that I have 1000 Mbps service.  I'm just not getting that speed.  Does anyone have any advice?


I've attached the power levels page.  Your expertise would be greatly appreciated!! 


Thank you!


Model: CM1000|Ultra-High Speed Cable Modem—DOCSIS® 3.1 Ready
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Re: CM1000 v2 only 16 channels locked, 400 mbps on 1 gig service

I've had people over the phone send the wrong provisioning before. You can attempt to have them re-provision it. 

The best bet though is the technician coming out. You're levels are a bit out of spec but not horrible. You only want around 3.5dbmv (roughly) between your channels. Of those that are locked, you go from 1.1 to -4.7dbmv. so a 5.8dbmv difference. Plus with the channels not locking, havin a technician check the line is important. 

I think the tech on the phone saying you're pulling full speed is a bit fos (full of s**t). 🙂 

what website are you using for speedtesting? 
I've found ookla has struggled to find a server to saturate gigabit at times. try several different sites/servers to test on. 

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