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Setting Up Isolated Guest WiFi


Setting Up Isolated Guest WiFi

Greetings All!  I have a problem that I'm trying to solve, with all NETGEAR hardware, so I'm hoping that someone creative here can suggest a solution, or at least point me in the right direction.


In summary, the problem is that I want to set up a "Guest" WiFi network that can get to the Internet through my existing route, but NOT to any other internal systems.  I probably have the parts to do that, but I am not 100% clear on how to make it work.


My configuration is currently as follows:


[Internet Modem]<=>[BR500 VPNRouter]<=>[GS108Ev2 Switch]<=>[RBR40 Orbi WiFi]


I'm being explcity by listing ALL of my NETGEAR hardware, as I believe I can set up VLANs on all both routers (BR500 and Orbi), and perhaps even the switch.


You are correct in that I have TWO routers, and TWO subnets, one for WiFi ( on the Orbi), and one for Ethernet (, BUT I WANT TO ADD A NEW WIFI NETWORK that will no be able to talk to anything EXCEPT (BR500) but only for routing to and from the Internet.


I know I can set up a "guest" network on the Orbi, but the "WAN" port on the Orbi talks to my Etheret network.  However, the Orbi is in a completely separate IP range.  So can I set up some routes that will prevent the guest WiFi network from routing anywhere but the pubic Internet (through on the BR500)?


Or, I have a box full of old WiFi routers, so can I connect one of them to one of the Ethernet ports of either the BR500 or the Orbi, and set up some routes, and somehow do the same (prevent the new WiFi router from routing anywhere except to/from on the BR500 but only to get to public Internet sites)?


So to reiterate, I want to be able to set up a WiFi network that can get ONLY to the public Internet -- for Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. -- either on the existing Orbi router or by plugging in a new (not shown) WiFi router, that will share routing through the same Internet (cable) modem, but not be able to talk to any other Ethernet systems or any other WiFi systems on my existing (Orbi) WiFi network.


Any suggestions?  Anyone have thoughts as to what would be the easiest way to do that?  






Model: BR500|Insight Instant VPN Router
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