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VLAN routing on BR200

I'm trying to setup a Guest wifi network. I have a BR200 router, GS316PP unmanaged POE+ switch and a WAX610 WAP. I have the Default VLAN 1 (


I tried to create a new VLAN 8 ( and a new SSID (Guest) mapped to this VLAN. I also added a new subnet for DHCP for VLAN 8.


I am able to connect a device to the Guest SSID and I successfully get a DHCP address for the subnet. But I cannot connect to anything else. I can't ping or and I cannot get to the internet.


How do I get routing working connectly?

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Re: VLAN routing on BR200

This really refers to the BR200, but I am also having a very similar problem. I have a BR200 and then an Orbi Rbr200 with one satellite. The RBR is for a guest network, and is on AP mode. I am also able to get as far as getting an IP from the VLAN DHCP, but can’t get internet access. Feels like some sort of DNS type situation, like even though the DHCP is setup right, it can’t resolve internet IPs. If I run an ipconfig/all on a VLAN connected device (vlan 3 because the br200 has management and video vlans built in using ids 1 and 2). I’m using as the primary network for the wireless trunk.
Model: BR500|Insight Instant VPN Router
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Re: VLAN routing on BR200

@bpoe138 / @Jeff4021,


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I inquired you concern to the higher tier of NETGEAR Support.  Kindly check the document attached on how to configure inter-VLAN routing on BR200 / BR500 using its web-GUI and use it as your guide. 






NETGEAR Community Team

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Re: VLAN routing on BR200

I returned the device and I am now using a Ubiquity EdgeRouter4. I was easily able to setup inter-VLAN routing on it using the CLI.
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