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Insight App and pc portal for OrbiPro6 SXR80

Insight App and pc portal for OrbiPro6 SXR80
When I configure or troubleshoot via the pc portal via entering in browser the IP address of router, I can see which satellite a device is connected to, or that the device is connected to the router directly. This helps immensely in troubleshooting weak connections or connectivity between devices. Neither the insight pc portal nor the insight app for iPhone provide this level of information. The “Topography” concept in Insight should have forks off of each satellite for devices connected to each satellite, but instead it shows all devices connected directly to the router -which is not true.

Can this be improved in the next version of Insight app and pc interface?

PS, OrbiPro6 SXR80 is NOT allowed to be entered in “Model” Recommended... input above

Thank you.