Cannot manually set the time


Cannot manually set the time

I am just going to add my voice to the chorus of people pointing out that USERS CANNOT CORRECT THE TIME ON THIS ROUTER.

NetGear C3700 100NAS

Firmware Version



No.... ignore what other posts say about the manual says: "go to Security-->  email--> OR ---> Scheduling..."

As others have pointed out.... apparently for many the router GUI does NOT show an option to choose your timezone.  Maybe in SOME firmware version or another, this rather obvious feature existed... but no more!  The Spectrum/Time Warner approved version (which was pushed to my router modem) does NOT have the option.  (And niether did the older 2.02. 08 version).


It is also USELESS for support and folks to keep saying, " ....Well, your ISP is suppose to be automatically setting the time... like from the CMST etc etc".


THAT IS OBVIOUSLY NOT HAPPENING in MANY cases!!  Becasue there are LOTS of people posting all over google AND in this forum saying the same thing as me that the time on their router is WRONG. 


(I am not trying to be rude. Merely getting that out of the way so as to get NEW answers rather then repeating old answers that don't real-world solve the problem.)


Soooo.... please answer: What is the workaround for when your ISP does not/cannot set the correct time.  (And, support, before you asnwer... please feel free to look at the link from this forum where this person CALLED COMCAST regarding a Netgear router at NetGear Support suggestion):


I just want to set the correct time to avoid authentication/IP address errors and such.  MY ROUTER CLOCK IS 10 HOURS AHEAD of my real time...OMG...Haha!  I am connecting in the Future, it is so far off. 
Thank you.

Smiley Happy

Model: C3700|N600 Cable Gateway Docsis 3.0
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Re: Cannot manually set the time

Hi StarDar,

Sorry to hear that you're having issues with manually setting the time to your C3700. Unfortunately, the NETGEAR C3700 which is a cable device means that the time and date is received from the ToD (Time of Day) server on the ISP's end. Also the CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System) doesn't observe daylight savings because the reason is to prevent the users from changing the time and date as it will not line up with their logging system. This will allow logs to determine when the issues occur correctly.

I hope this helped you understand and fixes the issue.

Please keep us updated on this. :]



- Jason N

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Re: Cannot manually set the time

Hello Jason,


I suppose I can say thanks for replying... however since your reply does not have a solution and only reaffirms information that I already mentioned in my question and knew, the purpose of your reply is confusing.


Agreed, everyone says the ISP must set the time.  What is being pointed out here (by me and appearently MANY other Netgear router owners) is that the ISP time setting DOES NOT WORK sometimes.  I have Spectrum/TWC.  I am in the US in Hawaii. My router says 9pm when it is 11am RIGHT is daylight/morning is dark/evening there...those are FACTS.  My ISP server must be in Morocco. (haha)


I was hoping for a reply from Netgear 1) acknowlegding the problem (ISPs DO NOT always autoset router time correctly) and 2) offer a soluton for its Customers with this situtation?  Seems like a lot more people then necessary have this problem and could benefit from just being able to set the time on their own routers!

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Re: Cannot manually set the time

Hi StarDar,

The purpose of my reply was to confirm towards your knowledge of ISP having to correct this issue. There is no work around on our end as we cannot change it. Please notify your ISP and tell them that you are in Hawaii's time zone



- Jason N

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Re: Cannot manually set the time

Jason, I do just want to say thank you. You are trying and that is appreciated.

You seemed so confident about calling the ISP... that I did so.


AND...I recieved information similar to what is posted in this link here:


A link I did mention in my original post.  It is a run around.... I was told by Netgear to contact my ISP told me to connect the Manufactuer (Netgear) who tells me to contact my ISP.  Spectrum/TWC seems to think there may be a software update that Netgear needs to push out.  They end with and becasue "it is your own equipment" there is only so much TWC can do.... "maybe netgear can send you a new router" (yes...he said that).


TWC did send an ISP signal and the router rebooted and still was 10 (ten) hours ahead.  He called something like the Netgear IT advisory line while I held. They were unable to access the router remotely.  There was mention of using the pin on back to reset-- i would need to call the manufactuer (Netgear), see if they can do an update...Hello forum, is there a phone number for that I can have?  Seems like the next move!

Hahah, basically, if you buy a router thinking it will work seemlessly with your system and (hey, i'll save that rental fee!)...hahhah...that may or may not be true! Adventure! (seriously, WHY can you NOT manually set your own time on your router?  Its a good thing I don't have kids I need parental monitoring for... setting block times would be a nightmare!)

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Re: Cannot manually set the time

@StarDar are you referring to the Current System Time not being correct on the Cable Connection page or the Current Time not being correct on the Schedule page?


The date and time information shown in the “Current System Time” section on the Cable Connection page is retrieved from the CMTS’ (Cable Modem Termination System) ToD (Time of Day) server.


When the Cable modem comes on line it goes to Initialization/Registration process with your ISP and during that process number of information is passed between CMTS and your Cable modem and one of those pieces of information is the date and time information which the CMTS gets from service provider’s ToD server and that information cannot be change by the cable modem user.


The reason that user cannot change the time and ToD server’s has to do with DOCSIS specification. The ToD server provides a common clock for network time so that all logged events reference the same clock, which allows for correlation of data between devices. Please note that ToD server does not observe DST either.


When ISP’s tech support troubleshoots your issue they need to be able to correlate the time that events, errors or issues are being reported at their end with what your device is seeing. If they allow users to change their time to whatever they want those events would not sync up making it very difficult to figure out what is going on as this helps them establish the timeline of events that took place.


Furthermore, since this is not a modem specific issue I am pretty sure that there will be no firmware features added to allow users to change time for the reasons I mentioned above. If you look at any other cable modem on the market this how they all behave. If there is issue with your system time being way off you need to know where the CMTS your device is connecting to is located and which time zone it is in.


The Cable DOCSIS system is quiet fascinating if you want to know more about how it works and how your cable modem get the info to establish internet connectivity you can always check out the CableLabs documentation/specification website at

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